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Why is it so much more fun – and often easier – to DOUBLE your INCOME NOW than to manifest a million dollars “someday”?

“Tonight, know what you want and go ahead and take care of it”…

“Don’t ask anyone’s permission; are you simply putting yourself in the state you want to live by asking yourself this question: “How would I feel if I saw the world from this state?” Do you know that you can put yourself in any state?”
“My son actually went to war by reading a book about Guadalcanal and falling in love with the images of the natives of this region! He certainly didn’t appreciate his experiences there, but he asked for it. You see: nothing happens by chance. Everything that happens in the world does it because you and I have set them in motion, whether we do it knowingly or not.” – Neville Goddard

Hello dear reader,

That’s what he told us first… (You could feel the pain he was in….)

“I don’t want to be poor anymore.”

We were talking about a drive that was stuck over the weekend. He said he wanted things to be “better.” He said he didn’t want to be poor anymore, but he couldn’t feel rich.

“I don’t know HOW to feel rich !?!”

(Note what comes next…. It’s GOLD!)

While doing fascinating research on OUR LIVE – States for FREE, our second book in the simplified Neville Goddard series, we explored EXACTLY what a state is, and how vital it is to firmly identify what you choose to bring in a state and in your life.

Notice that Neville says, “Know what you want and go ahead and take care of it.”

You need to KNOW what you want.

It’s not just about naming it, it’s actually about the KNOW.

(DO YOU Richard Branson?)

Saying you want a million dollars is for most people only NAME “a million dollars”.

It’s like saying the name “Richard Branson.” Saying his name is not the same as knowing him. There is an important lesson to be learned in terms of wealth creation and the creation of a state in which you can intervene and deal with it.

This is ALSO the reason why EVERYTHING HERE, it is often easier to…

… double your income, compared to the million dollar manifestation.

It is difficult (if not impossible) for most people to picture themselves as “a million dollars”. Often, “a million dollars” is a phrase that doesn’t mean much or doesn’t seem CONCRETE. What could an ordinary person REALLY compare it to?

But for most people, it’s easy AND VERY POWERFUL to imagine a monthly income twice as high…

  • Just take what you have now and double the sum.
  • Notice how easy it is to do, notice how good it is for your body.
  • Notice how different your typical trip to the grocery store is.
  • What does buying meat or peanut butter look like – with a doubled income?
  • Notice when you refuel at the pump… what is YOUR FEELING  AND HOW YOU ARE DIFFERENT.
  • Because this “dubbing trick” works….

And it’s fun! So I have to ask…

What would you do with all that extra income this month? By the way, you can keep doubling them over and over again, but make sure you can FEEL IT AS REAL.

So I started to explore and experiment….

“How would I feel if my income (from all sources) was doubled? How would I feel if my income doubled again?

How would I feel if twice as many people bought my books?

How would I feel if twice as many people read our articles, emailed us, told us where they got stuck – so we could help them more effectively?

We did it here and our FEELING became our reality – many times. The principle of dubbing works, because you can identify with it, you can KNOW it.

“What if your family had twice as much fun? Twice as much peace? What if you had half your internal and twice as much mental clarity? What would that be? How would you feel now?

You can play it all day and use this dubbing as a great way to fall asleep in the state of the wish fulfilled.

Because it is precisely this: You must penetrate and inhabit the state of the fulfilled wish. You can’t do it – if you don’t know the state of the wish you want to achieve. It is not just a question of naming a number, but of being able to know it, identify with it and materialize it.

Have a good time!