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Being in abundance, Beyond opulence

As far back as history goes, most people are impressed by people who enjoy a full and abundant life. Historically, the masses have believed that these people were lucky. It never occurred to them that what one individual can do or appreciate, another can also do. What...

Abundance with Robert Kiyosaki

What is abundance? Do you want to become financially independent? Do you want to live in abundance? Careful, I’m not just talking about financial abundance, I’m talking about abundance in all areas of your life. Do you want to have your cake and eat it too? So read...


Why is it so much more fun – and often easier – to DOUBLE your INCOME NOW than to manifest a million dollars “someday”? “Tonight, know what you want and go ahead and take care of it”… “Don’t ask anyone’s permission; are you simply putting yourself in the state you...