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As far back as history goes, most people are impressed by people who enjoy a full and abundant life.

Historically, the masses have believed that these people were lucky.

It never occurred to them that what one individual can do or appreciate, another can also do.

What is abundance?

Abundance is the possession of great wealth, these riches can be physical or spiritual.

In order to better understand what I mean by abundance, here are synonyms: opulence, wealth, fortune, prosperity, ease, luxury.

You cannot live in abundance or ease if you are not aware of it, in other words opulence, prosperity must be created in your consciousness.

How do you perceive abundance?

It all starts in your mind….

And I’m going back to the stickperson

The type of thoughts and ideas that occupy your consciousness is of paramount importance in the development of prosperity in your life.

Your mind is either in an orderly state or in a state of confusion.

Order must prevail in your mind if you hope to see abundance manifest in your material world.

In the formation of the mastery of the manifestation, we discover that we are one with God.

Our unity with God allows abundance to flow in and through us.

The only thing that prevents you from believing in your unity are beliefs or paradigms.

Getting rid of beliefs that don’t serve you is your responsibility.

What are the beliefs you have all around wealth, abundance?

  • Are these beliefs serving you?
  • Does it allow you to be in a state of abundance?

Did you know that subconsciously we believe that there is not enough for all: not enough money, not enough work, not enough love, not enough….

And this belief is reinforced by the media over and over again

If you pay attention to this and feel the lack then you will block the flow of abundance.

You will attract to you more lack…

You are responsible for all the results in your life.

Would you be able to say STOP!

  • I’m putting an end to this spiral.
  • I invite abundance into my life.

I invite you to do two experiments:

The first is an experience that my mentor often does.

Lock yourself in a room.
Close all windows and exits.
Breathe as much as possible and then block your breathing.
Now can someone else in this room breathe?

Yes, absolutely!

Second experiment: you will need a cup, a pitcher of water and your kitchen sink to avoid making a mess.

Fill your cup to the brim with water until it is “fully filled,” which means you can’t pour it without overflowing.
This filled cup represents a state of maximum abundance.
Now hold your cup full over the kitchen sink and pour all the contents of the pitcher into it.
What happened?
The contents of the pitcher caused the water to overflow into the cup.

Now notice the water level in the cup.

Has it dropped?

Yes, the cup is now less full.

Pouring water into an already filled cup didn’t allow you to have more!

The water in the pitcher represents abundance.

The cup filled with water represents your prosperity consciousness.

In conclusion if you want more abundance in your life, you need to enlarge the countenance of your consciousness.

How do you do that?

By having you coached for a certain period of time.

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